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  • Brenet celebrates his birthday today
    Joshua Brenet was 23 years
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    Wim Rip was 56 years
  • Feyenoord-PSV: -1--1
    Feyenoord-PSV: -1--1
  • Jurjus celebrates his birthday today
    Hidde Jurjus was 23 years
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    Jorrit Hendrix was 22 years

Mascot Johan van Lopik

Johan van Lopik from Well was the mascot at the match PSV - Vitesse.

Also mascot?
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PSV Pool 2016/2017

Overall standings

1.Dave Rosenau204
 Dennis Donk204
 Pieter Smits204
4.Harfan Walraven203
5.Ron Smits192
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Standing period

1.Gerjon Groeneveld54
2.Nico Sleeuwenhoek53
3.Sanne Deturck50
4.Rik Reuvers50
 Roy Trommelen50
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