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  • Maarten Gozeling celebrates his birthday today
    Maarten Gozeling was 58 years
  • Bergwijn celebrates his birthday today
    Steven Bergwijn was 22 years
  • Egid Kiesouw celebrates his birthday today
    Egid Kiesouw was 57 years
  • PSV celebrates his birthday today
    PSV was 106 years
  • Eddy Pepels celebrates his birthday today
    Eddy Pepels was 64 years

Mascot Yanick Kole

Yanick Kole from Woensdrecht was the mascot at the match PSV - VVV-Venlo.

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PSV Pool 2019/2020

Overall standings

1.Bart Moonen117
2.Jasper Diekerhof115
3.Luc Stevens113
4.Roland Jaspers110
5.Marion Smulders106

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Standing period

1.Roland Jaspers64
2.Jasper Diekerhof62
3.Jan Demooij61
4.Astrid Markerink59
 Bart Moonen59

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Player of the match

Bergwijn 08 Oct 2019 - Today Bergwijn celebrates his birthday.Now he is 22 years old.The Supportersclub of PSV congratulates Bergwijn with his birthday. Lees verder...


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