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Special show glass for Mr Frits Philips (

15 dec 2005 - Source:

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When Mr Frits Philips had passed away, a memorial was spontaneously erected left of the man entrance of the Philips Stadium. PSV have decided to keep all the items that were laid down in a special show glass on the promenade.Frits Philips watched the games for many seasons from his seat on the south stand. The next few weeks PSV are going to furnish a fine show glass with all the items that have been laid down at the statue near the main entrance. All the items that have been laid down , such as scarves, candles, pictures, caps, flags, have been safely gathered, as the weather forecasts are not favourable and as the bunches of flowers had begun to wilt. Moreover Mister Frits has meanwhile been buried in impressive fashion. The special show glass has already been selected. The visitors that walk toward the chair that would be taken by Mister Frits, will pass this show glass. It has also been decided that the items dedicated to Mr Frits Philips will be displayed permanently. The show glass will never be used for another display. PSV will start furnishing the show glass next week. The Philips family have given permission to do so.PSV have more ideas to keep the memory of Mr Frits Philips alive. These ideas are being discussed. They will be communicated by means of this website when they have materialized.