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Hiddink cools speculative Russian reports (

3 mrt 2006 - Source:

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I was to be expected that the preparations for the sc Heerenveen clash would be overshadowed by news on Guus Hiddink and the Russian Football Association. "I have no concrete news. It’s all pure speculation", he announced. Hiddink declined to comment extensively to a host of media representatives who had come to Eindhoven on Friday, armed with microphones and pens, but he patiently and courteously spoke to everybody. A German speaking Russian had come all the way to the Eindhoven Philips Stadium to get an answer to the question da or njet (yes or no). "I have not much to comment on. We will first internally discuss some topics, like the future, the technical staff and the Youth Academy with PSV. We will do so shortly. I saw the Chairman a couple of weeks ago. He is on holiday at the moment. We will continue our talks when he returns. People are free to think whatever they want, but nothing much is actually going on. I have no concrete news. It’s all pure speculation,” he told a reporter of the Dutch national TV broadcasting company. Hiddink did not deny he had been in touch with the Russian Football Association. "There have indeed been some informative contacts from their side, but there is no more to it than that. Things are still very premature. It concerns a fulltime job, including the structure of youth teams and accommodations. My agent has been approached. I do not deny anything, but I have not much to comment on, either. It is clear that some things are going on, but it’s all so premature.” Hiddink added he had never seen the official of the Russian Football Association, who claimed in front of TV cameras that a deal with Hiddink as head coach of the Russian national football team had been completed. Dutch broadcasting companies showed these pictures on TV last Thursday night as well.