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Hiddink: "They deserved to win" (

9 Mar 2006 - Source:

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PSV head coach Guus Hiddink felt there were some key moments that decided the game: the first goal, the failure to score the equalizer and the first yellow card for Cocu that was not justified. Not justified"There were some key moments in the first half”, explained Hiddink. "We allowed them to cut into our box far too easily, from which they scored the opening goal. Soon afterwards we got an opportunity to cancel out the deficit, but we omitted to do so. These are the rare chances that you must take. There will always be moments in a game that you must show both your defensive and attacking strengths. It was not the end of the world, but then Phillip was dismissed. I honestly feel the first yellow card he was given was not justified at all. I have seen video footage. He deserved his second booking, but as far as I am concerned referee Riley played a major part. Now we could not make amends after the break any more”, said Hiddink. "And we were knocked down by their second goal, on the stroke of half time. These were the moments where things did not go our way. We all knew the game was virtually wrapped up at half time already”, he concluded. Sensible"Of course I am disappointed, but you have to be sensible and ‘never say die’ serves as my motto. So be it. We know our strengths and weaknesses and we work on them, in spite of our limited possibilities. We should not feel miserable too long, I think they fully deserved to win. When you just look at the difference in potential between the two clubs, I think our elimination did not come as a surprise.”Hiddink realized that PSV would not be able to come on level terms after the interval. "We had no illusions to score three goals; we just wanted the damage to be limited. The lads that were taken on may benefit from the experience of playing at this level. I hope that Lyon will get international recognition and appreciation. I wish them well." Phillip Cocu response Phillip Cocu stood in a white sheet in the mixed-zone after the game. "I feel bloody awful", he told reporters. "I have let my team down. I think two yellow cards for two fouls is a bit far-fetched, though. The referee might have warned first”, felt the PSV captain.