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18 Mar 2006 - Source:

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Mission Romário, day 1Rio de Janeiro, 18 March, local time: 6:20RIO - "An interview with Romário? I hope you haven’t made an appointment with him, for he never keeps them." This is the response we frequently get when we announce we want to interview Romário. That response does not come as a surprise, for if even his former team mate Wim Kieft had made the trip to Brazil in vain, why should he be willing to talk to us? Because we are representatives of PSV Media?Mission 'Romário 1000'But then again, one thing is for sure: if you stay at home you will never see him. And so we have left for Rio de Janeiro. On the off-chance of meeting that confounded Brazilian. The man is not only known for not keeping his appointments, but, far more important, he is also one of the best prolific finishers in the world of modern football. He is also the man who won the World Cup with Brazil and scored 165 goals in his 167 PSV appearances. Or nine more goals, as he claims himself. But above all, he is the 40-year-old striker whose most important mission is to score a landmark 1000 goals, just like his idol Pelé. And that’s why we are here. To hear from Romário what his drive is. To find out what the mission 'Romário 1000' means to the fans and the media. BeachTo be honest; we have not made the trip just on the off-chance. We are in the company of a have Brazilian friend, a football agent by profession, and he will keep us company in Rio. Van Domenico, a former restaurant owner in Eindhoven and a good friend of Romário’s, has told us on which beach he is often to be found. We are most certainly going to take a look there. We have even got Romário’s telephone number, but we are not sure that it is his current number, for he changes phone numbers regularly. We have taken all the proper preparations. But you never know with Romário, and that’s part of the magic of this trip.We arrived in Rio at half past four a.m. Even then the temperature is twenty-five degrees. We were glad when we were given an upgrade to Business Class during out flight by Varig, the Brazilian airline company. They must have realized how important our mission is. Let’s hope this was a good omen.PSV Media are in Rio de Janeiro on the look-out for something Romário. To see him, among other things, about his mission to score one thousand goals. To taste the atmosphere and to see him in action one more time. Because he is Romário de Souza Faria is, the hero of PSV. We will publish entries on on this trip every day until next Thursday.