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PSV fans express support for Guus Hiddink (

21 mrt 2006 - Source:

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Avid PSV fans have struck up a brief conversation with Guus Hiddink at De Herdgang training base this morning. They expressed their concern about his possible departure and showed a large banner to express their support. A delegation of some seventy persons and representatives of the supporters’ association PSV Fans United were standing along the training pitch at ten o’clock. Pim Beckers was the spokesman of the avid fans and he had a brief conversation with Hiddink. The PSV head coach had left the pitch for a while to talk to the fans. “It was a fine expression of support, but no demonstration”, said Hiddink. After the brief conversation the fans unrolled a banner. Beckers expressed his concern, on behalf of those fans present. "It is not in the interest of PSV that things are exposed. We are afraid that we’ll be lagging behind on the European stage next season. We may lose everything that has been built up when Hiddink was in charge. Hiddink is doing a great job here and we hope he will stay here for another season. If Hiddink leaves, some important players, may be as many as five, make take his example." Hiddink said he was delighted with the expression of support and he also announced he would always be linked with PSV in one way or another. He did not go more deeply into it. "I’m afraid it’s too late now. Too much has been going on that we were not involved in. But we will continue to express our support", concluded Beckers. Hiddink went back to the training pitch after the interruption.