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Mission Romario, day 4 (

21 mrt 2006 - Source:

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Mission Romário, day 4Campo Grande, Monday 20 March, 23.00 pmWe have been in Rio for three days now, in search of Romário. We could not have chosen a more awkward moment to do so. It has always been a tall task to rope him into doing an interview, but now that there seems to be a serious conflict between Romário and Vasco da Gama, he protects himself completely from the outer world. Barra da TijucaAt first we intended to go to Barra da Tijuca, a 12 km long beach, far away from Copacobana, where Romário lives. He is said to often take part in a game of beach football there, in particular in the morning. Sergio du Bocage, an experienced journalist and columnist of the sports paper Jornal dos Sports, however, dissuaded us from doing so. “It takes far too much time to get there and you won’t find Romário over there. He escapes all publicity.” Sergio followed this morning’s news painstakingly. “If he turns up at all, Vasco da Gama is the most likely place. But he was not there this morning.” We then get the telephone number of one Batatinha, “a soul mate of Romário’s”. Relations are here of overriding importance. We call Batatinha, in the hope to get closer to Romário. But he has apparently put off his telephone.'Romário wants to stay in Rio'As there is no proper news, there is no lack of speculation." Romário may retire", ponders Sergio out loud. "Flamengo owe Romário 4. 5 million reals (about 1. 5 million euros) and Vasco da Gama owe him 9 million reals. He lent that some of money to those clubs in the past. They pay off 250, 000 reals every month. Romário does not to have to work to earn money any longer.” Another theory is that Romário is planning a move to Fluminense. "Romário wants to stay in Rio, with his wife and youngest daughter. He wants to leave Vasco. Flamengo have no money, so Fluminense is the only option left. Moreover he is a close friend of the President." Another rumour, which we heard on the Brazilian radio this morning, has it that Romário is being linked with a move to Miami. But that’s far away from Rio and therefore this rumour can hardly be taken seriously. Romário in politics?Later on the day we met Miltinho Carioca, a reporter of the sports channel ESPN. He comes up with yet another theory. "Romário will shortly stand as a candidate for PSP, a left-wing political party. That’s why he will retire from football." The mission 'Romário 1000' as never raised as a topic in all speculations. The issue Romário will continue to play football at all is considered far more important. The only person that can answer all these questions is the small give Brazilian himself. But he will not play ball. The only official statement was made at yesterday’s press conference. "Romário has not handed in his contract ", announced Mirando. We have two days left to meet the PSV icon. It will take a miracle, but then again wonders will never cease….PSV Media are in Rio de Janeiro on the look-out for something Romário. To see him, among other things, about his mission to score one thousand goals. To taste the atmosphere and to see him in action one more time. Because he is Romário de Souza Faria is, the hero of PSV. We will publish entries on on this trip every day until next Thursday. Text: Koen van Santvoord. Pictures: Maarten Noordijk.