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English diary-Tuesday 25th July (

27 Lul 2006 - Source:

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PSV are in England for a five-day training camp. At the end of each day presents a diary, covering some special news. The No 2 entry is from Newcastle and focuses on the football boots that Beasley wears and on Paul Gascoigne. Let’s face it: there are boots and there are boots. Puritans claim that boots are just plain black and should stay that way; other people, though, like nothing better than boots in new colours that catch the eye. There’s no accounting for tastes. André Ooijer, for example, wears completely black boots, without all the trimmings. Aissati wears blue boots and Simons white ones. But it is not hard to hard to find out who is the owner of this pair. (see picture). Small feet, and the Stars and Stripes on the inside of the tongue. The picture was taken when the players had completed their training session and were cooling down. So it was Beasley who was cooling down on his socks. We can only conclude that the American has got some fine boots. By the way, Beasley has a new nickname: ‘Beeslie’ (pronounced in Dutch fashion). Assistant coach Tonny Bruins Slot called him ‘Beeslie’ once and so do his colleagues these days. And now for something completely different. He made his debut for Newcastle United in 1985. He spent three seasons with them, before he made a move to Tottenham Hotspur in 1988. Later he was to suffer from mental problems, caused by alcohol- and drug abuse, lack of discipline and more misery, described on the tabloid front pages. We obviously refer to Paul Gascoigne, Gazza, born in Gateshead in 1967. He had shot to fame with the national side at the World Cup in 1990 and won 57 caps for his country. His club career included spells at Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Lazio and Rangers and a string of minor clubs. But he started his career with Newcastle. He scored 25 goals in 95 appearances. This picture is in the club’s training ground, in a corridor next to the pictures of many other great stars that made appearances for Newcastle United.To round off: less hot, a long trip by coach from Stoke-on-Trent to Newcastle and a training session on the pitches of the Newcastle United sports ground.