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Koeman explains Andre Ooijer?s absence (

21 aug 2006 - Source:

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At the post-match press conference PSV head coach Ronald Koeman was asked to explain why André Ooijer had not made an appearance. "He indicated he was not mentally fit and felt incapable of playing", said the PSV head coach. Ooijer stayed at home on Sunday afternoon. "André had joined the squad this morning", said Koeman, when asked to explain why the experienced defender was absent. The international has made up his mind he would like to join Blackburn Rovers, but the two clubs have yet to agree on a fee. "He indicated to me he was unable to start the game. He had told me the same thing last Friday, but I called him up for the opening game anyway. I asked him to think things over for one more day and I told him I took it for granted he would start. But this morning he announced once again he was incapable of playing." Koeman gave a confirmative reply to the question whether measures will now be taken. "I'm afraid so and that’s what I have been trying to explain to André. I can do little as a coach now; it’s something between him and the club. From now on he won’t train any more. If you don't want to play games, you cannot train either", said Koeman, who added he was disappointed. "As long as you are in the service of a club, you will have to make appearances and show commitment".The two coaches did not pay much attention to the game itself at the post-match press conference. "We were given a tough ride in the first period. We played low tempo football. Moens was excellent and if he had not pulled off two great saves, we might have been forced to play a different kind of game. We omitted to emphatically wrap up the game after the break. We won 3-1, but I feel the final score does not reflect the way we have been dominating the game. We failed to finish clinically from at least four golden opportunities. It’s a shame we conceded a late goal, but things like that happen", commented Koeman on his first victory in the Dutch league. ario BeenN.E.C. coach Mario Been was content with his side' first half performance, anyway until the 43rd minute. "We did not know where we stood, following a poor pre-season campaign. I think we played well the first 43 minutes, when Snoyl and Boutahar created two good chances. But PSV went ahead, on the stroke of half time, which was a very awkward moment. And the game was actually killed off when they even doubled the advantage before half time. This is a young squad and they were devastated in the dressing room at half time. It’s nice we have scored a goal and we'd better take the positives from the first half to prepare next week’s game", explained Been.