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"A good performance for only 45 minutes"" (

24 sep 2006 - Source:

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PSV head coach Ronald Koeman remarked at the post match press conference that PSV had put in a good performance for only 45 rather than the full 90 minutes. "We did not start to play well until after the break, when ADO Den Haag fought themselves." Koeman did not beat about the bush at the post match press conference. "We put in a poor first half performance. We were sloppy, were frequently dispossessed and there were plenty of misunderstandings. We did not defend very stoutly and we lacked communication on the pitch. After the break there was a change for the better, though, and eventually we deserved the win, on the basis of our second half performance."Koeman assumes he will be without Patrick Kluivert. "Well just have to wait and see. But he indicated he had sustained a knee injury. He has worked hard in training lately to become 100% match-fit, but now he is set back."ADO coach Frans Adelaar repeatedly emphasized that his players were not themselves, after Stefan Postma had to be stretchered off the pitch with a broken leg. "It was a devastating blow. I went to see a number of players on the pitch, because they were shocked after having seen Postma s on the ground, creaming. Bosschaart made it emphatically clear to the referee that a colleague of his was suffering agonizing pain. Then they scored the opening goal, which was the turning point of the game." Adelaar reproached Roelof Luinge for not having stopped play. "My players never recovered from that loss and were unable to be alert any longer."Adelaar praised his team for a spirited performance. "We took initiatives in the first period, showed aggression and did not give PSV any space. We also created some danger. I thought we took a tentative start to the second half. PSV did well to punish us for that." Defender Jan Kromkamp thought PSV deservedly claimed victory. "We had anticipated a tough night. ADO needed to earn points and the crowd supported them tremendously. We tried to earn chances, but we did not succeed in doing so. After the interval we did much better and that’s why I think, all in all, we deserved to win."Youngster Roy Beerens did well as a substitute. "I had to adapt first, but gradually I started to feel good. They committed some fouls on me, for which I am partly to be blamed myself, as I didn’t pass the ball quickly enough. I worked hard and I didn’t do badly at all."