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PSV squad took a short walk (

17 okt 2006 - Source:

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Tonight Ronald Koeman’s team will train for the last time ahead of Wednesday night’s clash with Galatasaray. The squad took a short walk in the garden surrounding the hotel at noon. A breath of fresh airIt hardly ever happens that the players leave their hotel during their European trips, but as PSV had arrived one day earlier than usual, the technical staff decided to get a breath of fresh air at noon.‘The walk’ used to be part of the preparations, when the European trips would take one more day and all photographers would do their best to take some lovely pictures of the walk. The weather in Turkey on this day in autumn is not too bright: there are showers and there is a strong wind. The players took a short walk in the garden surrounding the hotel, which is situated far from the city-centre. The sponsors, media representatives, board of directors and security staff have found accommodation in the centre of town (Taksim). It takes some time to reach the Atatürk Stadium and the sound of Istanbul is one of traffic.Ronald Koeman will give his views at a press conference in the stadium that starts at 19:00, after which he will conduct a training session. Galatasaray train this afternoon at 16:00 and former PSV coach Erik Gerets will start his press conference at about 17:30 local time.Below you will find a few pictures taken during the walk. Most players did not mind it was only a short walk. Alex e.g. did not like the rain and wind at all.