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Sinterklaas for the first time (

3 dec 2004 - Source:

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Dutch people have a number of traditions. One of them is to celebrate on 5 December, what in Holland is called 'Sinterklaas'. Children, but also grown-ups get a present, which is accompanied by a poem.The Dutch lesson that a number of foreign players in the service of PSV took on Friday afternoon was interrupted in a very pleasant, special way. Just like in the previous years, teacher Leon Smeets had prepared a special Sinterklaas lesson with various exercises related to this topical issue. Some of the players had been informed by a television programme of the party, so the two Brazilians Alex and Gomes, the Australian Nathan Coe and the two Danes Michael Jakobsen and Lasse Qvist sat down on Friday afternoon for a special lesson, their hearts 'racing with anticipation'. Presents with poems had been put on a table in front of them and the players first had to read their poems before they were allowed to unwrap their presents. Black Pete had had enough inspirations and all poems were in rhyme. And the players obviously did not omit to unwrap their presents. Sinterklaas had selected a car scraper for Alex, Gomes, Coe en Jakobsen, a present which may come in handy if the cold weather continues. Qvist, who is still too young to drive a car, was presented a nice pen. Moreover all students got a traditional chocolate letter in the shape of the first letter of their Christian name.