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Beasley about his first months in Eindhoven (

6 dec 2004 - Source:

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He faces the hard, if not impossible challenge to sink Arjen Robben into oblivion. Although 22-year-old DaMarcus Beasley is a star in his own country, the American winger still has a lot to learn. "I know I can do much better. The crowd has not met the real Beasley yet."PSV Inside meets DaMarcus Beasley for an interview on the same day that Arjen Robben made his Chelsea debut, after having been on the sidelines for many months. The starting point of this cover story is the succession of his renowned predecessor. The American talented player does not know that much of Robben. "It is hard to follow Dutch players in the USA. We see some Champion League games, but it’s mainly the ties in which top clubs are involved that are broadcast. One channel focuses on football, but they particularly pay attention to the English, Spanish and Italian league."Beasley realizes very well that it is hard to succeed a skilful player such as Robben. "He left some shoes to fill. Arjen is a player that frequently starts solo runs. That’s a thing the crowd loves. I once met him in a game; that was in February when I was given a place in the starting line-up of the Team USA. He scored the winning goal on that occasion. And of course I watched Robben at the Euro 2004. He is indeed a quality player and that puts some pressure on me. But I can show my skills and it’s up to me whether the crowd will cheer me on and no longer compare me with Robben."Like any African athlete, Beasley is full self-confidence. He learned that at his mother’s knee. "We believe we can beat anybody”, he announces without any hesitation." Americans know of no fear, even though we play the likes of Brazil or Argentina. As a matter of course we have respect for our opponents, but the moment we are on the pitch we go for it and want to win.” Apart from his great mentality and determination to excel, Beasley has some more irons in the fire. "I can read the game quickly, not only as a forward, but also defensively. I am quick and regularly net goals. And although I may not yet be able to round, say, four defenders on a mazy run, I’m a tough to beat one on one." A great adventureWhat did the 22-year-old winger know of PSV? Not that much. He knew that Hiddink is a successful manager. But Beasley has had the ambition to once play for either Ajax or PSV for some time yet. So when he was brought on for goal scorer John de Jong for the final thirty minutes of the league clash against Ajax (2-0 at home in the Eindhoven Philips Stadium), the American was delighted. "That was a tremendous experience, just like I see my stay with PSV as one great adventure. After four and a half years in the States, I thought it was time for a change. I get an opportunity to develop as a player at this club. They push young players to play and stand up. I would never get a chance to make appearances in the English league or Spanish Primera Liga A Division.” After a bright start to the campaign, Beasley was put on the sidelines for a while. That was pretty disappointing, according to the young striker. “Oh, I was so anxious to start. I’m a big competitor who hates to loose. It was a new experience for me not to be included in the starting line-up. I had to get used to the fact that no player can claim a place in the starting line-up. The positions are kind of open in the air. Obviously I want to be given a place in the first XI and therefore I invariably do my best at training. If I don’t make it this week, there’s always a next week. I never ever give up. It’s all part of the game. I’m becoming a man, a little bit."Beasley understands his trainer’s views. Although he was always fielded at the start of the campaign and scored goals, he was never brilliant. "I did okay, but I know I can do much better. I must put off better displays and meet higher standards. But trust me; the crowd hasn’t seen the real Beasley yet. I didn’t put my strength in the system and so I am not content." Beasley is sure everything will turn out fine. He knows what he is up to and is anxious to develop into a top class player. In the past few weeks the newcomer did not feel at ease. "The players help me to feel comfortable. This team is really a team and that’s what I appreciate. And so things are getting better."