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'Delighted to return to PSV to take up the challenge" (

29 mrt 2007 - Source:

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When asked for a first reaction, PSV’s next General Manager Jan Reker told he was ‘delighted to take up the challenge’. Reker, who was born and raised in Eindhoven and was in office at PSV for several years, considers it an honour to be employed by PSV, as he feels his new position opens doors to many opportunities.
“I am delighted to take up this challenge”, said Reker. “I held several posts here for fourteen years and I was born within a stone's throw from the Philips Stadium. I grew up with PSV. I consider it a great challenge to get to work as General Manager. I have kept a close eye on the club over the years, as the office of the Dutch association of professional football coaches is situated in the Philips Stadium. It is my primary duty to maintain the high level and even attempt to bring PSV on a higher plane.” Reker was head coach of PSV, clinching the Dutch league title 1986. “We had several talks the past few weeks. PSV is my club and I gladly accepted their offer. I was at the helm at PSV before, but I have never thought I would return as General Manager.” Reker intends to turn over his office as director of the Dutch association of professional football coaches soon. “I will try to find a successor and give him some instructions, so he will comfortably settle into the job.”


NAC Breda
  • Gino Coutinho
  • Csaba Fehr
  • Rob Penders
  • Mark Schenning (46. Adnan Barakat)
  • Nebojsa Gudelj
  • Stefano Seedorf
  • Arne Slot
  • Orlando Engelaar
  • Anouar Diba (46. Ronnie Stam)
  • Johan Elmander
  • Nourdin Boukhari (46. Henk Vos)
  • Ronald Waterreus
  • Jurgen Colin (62. Johann Vonlanthen)
  • Kevin Hofland
  • Wilfred Bouma
  • Young-pyo Lee
  • Dennis Rommedahl (46. Arjen Robben)
  • Theo Lucius (82. Daniel Guijo-Velasco)
  • Remco van der Schaaf
  • Ji-sung Park
  • John de Jong
  • Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink


  • Dick van Egmond


  • 14.479

Yellow card(s)

  • Fehr (NAC)


  • 3' Lucius 0-1
    32` Park 0-2
    40' Park 0-3
    90' Engelaar (pen) 1-3