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"About his biggest wish and homesickness" (

7 dec 2004 - Source:

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A pleasant feelingIt must be hard at times to live in a hotel in Eindhoven, far from your relatives. Beasley thought it would be better to live on his own, in ‘the City of Light’, so that he would adapt himself quickly to the new circumstances. His mother was not too keen on her son moving to Holland. But his dad thought it was great his son would realize his dreams. "Yet they are glad I have made the move”, he suddenly exclaims convincingly." My parents simply love soccer!” Beasley often feels lonely. "Holland is so different, so much smaller. In America everything is bigger and faster: cars, buildings just to mention a few things. Wherever I am in the States, I always feel home immediately. It gives me a feeling of security and of well-being."Mentality is another big difference, according to Beasley. In Europe people live by the hour, whereas Americans do not want to be governed by time. They want to throw a party every single day. But in Holland everything revolves around football, which Beasley considers an advantage, now that he is in Holland. Soccer is on the up and up in America, but it will never surpass popular sports like American Football (NFLL), baseball (Major League), basketball (NBA) and ice hockey (NHL). "Whenever you watch television here, you are bound to see a football-related programme. And it’s hard to overlook a sports magazine in a bookshop. This is heaven!"By watching TV a lot, the PSV players attempts to drive away homesickness. Moreover he takes some relaxation after work by reading a book, watching a dvd or listening to music on internet, preferably hip-hop, rap or reggae. "I call my folks home at least once a week and I frequently email my friends. That way I feel I’m still one of them." What else does he think supporters should know about him? "I’m a nice guy and I always feel like talking to a fan. Life is short, so let’s make fun." Is that why you smile all the time? "Yes! When I don’t smile, I don’t feel good. And what could be more pleasant than have fun in life?"His biggest wishThe skinny American (1, 73 tall and just 60 kilos) is a great fan of Ryan Giggs. "He is absolutely one of the best players in the world. PSV met Manchester United in a Vodafone Cup tie and it was a very special moment to be on the pitch with one of my heroes. As a young kid I had this dream to be at Old Trafford once in my life and then suddenly that dream came true! Very impressive indeed. But there are more stadiums in the world where I would love to show my skills, like Nou Camp, San Siro and the like."Beasley hopes to be a star once in the English league or the Spanish Primera Division. But that’s still in the future. PSV is now the centre of attention. He wants to win the Dutch title with the Eindhoven club and to be successful in the Champion League. So you want to raise your standards? "Oh, yes, I do. At the start of the season nobody would have thought that the new-look PSV would be so successful with so many new players. But within a short time we have become a team. We are a unity and we are hard to beat. When I played for the Chicago Fire we got unto the pitch expecting to win; now we must win. That’s a big difference!"DaMarcus has gradually come to know what kind of football is played in Holland. Beasley was used to playing just behind the strikers up front, but at PSV he is ‘condemned’ to staying on the left flank. It takes time to adapt. They play well-organized football over here. I just can’t be anywhere on the pitch any more." When he still was a rough diamond, he was known for his funny through balls and that’s why he was given the nickname of 'jitterbug'. Beasley, though, has learnt a lot, in particular from Hristo Stoitchkov and he hopes to develop into a genuine, polished diamond.