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Flags will create a superb atmosphere (

3 apr 2007 - Source:

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PSV will hand out a special flag to all fans tonight. The printed flags, 73 centimetres long by 50 centimetres wide, in the red and white colours of the county of Brabant, show the words PSV v Liverpool and the date and also state that it concerns a UEFA Champions League quarter-final tie.
“There will be flags everywhere to create a superb atmosphere. They are also nice souvenirs and may be kept as collectors items”, explains a PSV employee who launches similar campaigns ahead of each Champions league game at the Philips Stadium. Smaller flags, unfoldable matchday programmes, the ‘Wavecape’, red-white signs, plastic PSV bibs and PSV scarves, among other items, were handed out at previous games. The Philips Stadium is sold out tonight, so when the players are walking down the tunnel, they will hear the roar of the fans and soon afterwards see the fans waving flags all over the stadium.