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Eleven options: DaMarcus Beasley (

9 dec 2004 - Source:

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Basketball or American football?"Basketball. An exciting sport; the game is always up an down, I am from Indiana, so obviously I’m Pacers fan, which happens to be the club for which Rick Smits, a famous basketball player from Eindhoven, used to play. I have seen Rick at work lots of times, but unfortunately I’ve never met him."Going to the movies or reading a book?"Going to the movies, for sure. I love all sorts of films: comedy, action, and thriller. But I don’t care for science fiction."Bush or Kerry?"Kerry. I’m not interested in politics, so actually I don’t care too much, but I had rather Bush would not have been re-elected."Dollar or euro?"Dollar. I am used to the dollar, like you were used to the guilder. It doesn’t mean much to me that the euro is worth more than the dollar."East Coast or West Coast?"Definitely East Coast. I am not a fan of the West Coast, although there is the sun, the sea and the beach. I detest the Hollywood-hysteria. The people on the East Coast are far more down to earth."Efteling or Disney World?"I don’t know what the Efteling is! So I’d better choose Disney World (By the way: De Efteling is a large Dutch amusement-park)"Mc Donalds or Burger King?"If I must make a choice, I suppose I’ll go for Burger King. But I don’t care for their food. It may be okay, but it isn’t healthy."Karen Mulder or Pamela Anderson?"Pamela Anderson. Is Karen Mulder a Dutch model in the USA? I didn’t know. A natural beauty? Mmm, I like natural beauties!"Dutch Eredivisie or UEFA Champions League?"(After hesitating for a long time)” Champions League It’s great to play teams from various countries and thus come to learn other styles of football. Moreover, much more is at stake, both football-wise and financially. That makes it fun to play."Philips or JVC?"Philips, what else would you expect me to say? And it’s not because they sponsor PSV; they are also the shirt sponsors of the American national team. So I have a large range of Philips products at home and they are of great quality."Penalty-kick or capital punishment?"Well, blimey. Penalty-kick. I don’t believe in capital punishment. It won’t solve anything." b>DaMarcus Beasley resumeeDaMarcus Beasley was born in Fort Wayne, the biggest city but one in Indiana with over 200, 000 inhabitants, on 24 May 1982. The town is known as City of Churches, City of Restaurants, Summit City, City that Saved Itself, in short an All-American city.When DaMarcus was two years old, he saw his elder brother kick a ball and at that magic moment he was hooked. Many hours were spent kicking a ball in front of the parental home. “I’ve always looked up to Jamar and I’ve learnt a lot from him. By just watching his moves, I picked up things quickly.”Unlike in Holland, where every football player started at an amateur club, DaMarcus made his first moves on a high-school pitch. For a while he played in Argentina, where he has many friends. The talented youngster did not make the move from the Bradenton Academy in Florida to a college, but he straightaway closed a deal with the Major League Soccer (MSL. In March 1999, he became the then-youngest player to sign an MLS contract at 16 years 10 months and was originally allocated to the Los Angeles Galaxy. One year later he moved to Chicago Fire, where former Barcelona player Hristo Stoitchkov saw him develop into a remarkable player.He was handed his debut in the national team in March 2000. The forward met the high expectations in the Team USA and earned a reputation as a super talented player in no time, so that he was even called up for the World Cup 2002 squad. He scored his first goal in an international game, when Team USA met the team of South Korea, who were coached by nobody else but Guus Hiddink. Beasley was brought on, when the score was 1-1. He soon produced a stunning lob that struck home, which proved to be the winning goal. “The trainer may have remembered my name because of my performance in that game and it may have contributed to completing my move to PSV.”