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Reigning champions PSV display two stars on their shirts (

2 mei 2007 - Source:

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Watching the official PSV championship logo, one cannot help noticing that the emblem is embellished with two golden stars. PSV have won the twentieth title and each star represents ten titles, a custom that has been applied in foreign countries for some time. The two stars may be put on display on the new PSV shirt.
“We have conceived a plan to not only introduce these two stars on the championship logo, but on the shirts as well”, explained PSV Manager Match Organisation Ron Verkerk. “We have made a proposal to the KNVB, the Royal Dutch Football Association and the ECV, the Association of Eredivisie clubs, and they have both independently responded enthusiastically. A two-star emblem is a phenomenon quite common to international football. The UEFA badge of honour is a special badge awarded to clubs that have won the Champions League five times in all or three times in a row. The first team to adopt a star was Juventus, who added one above their crest in 1958 to represent their tenth Serie A championship. We have also received a favourable response from our clothing sponsors Nike and we will carry on talks shortly. We will have to decide, for example, where to start counting: in 1913, when PSV were founded or in 1954, when professional football was introduced in the Netherlands? We think it is a great to introduce this symbol”, concluded Verkerk. PSV have won seventeen titles since the introduction of professional football in the Netherlands. The current PSV champions logo to celebrate the title, is printed on the champions cap, flags and button, is the third one in a row. “We aim to create a high-quality and recognizable logo each time that PSV clinch the Dutch title, as we enjoy the creative challenge”, said PSV Manager Marketing & Media Peter Kentie. “We always attempt to insert a distinctive characteristic in such a championship logo. This season we have come up with Better than all the rest, emphasizing three very successful seasons and referring to the lyrics of <i>Simply the best</i> from Tina Turner. The idea to display two stars, each representing ten titles, is both attractive from a symbolic, creative point of view, but has also got an historic value. This way a football tradition is created in Holland that links up perfectly with the PSV image, respectful of tradition but innovative at the same time.”