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French football official lavishes praises on Philips Stadium (

29 jun 2007 - Source:

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Frederic Thiriez, Chairman of the French Ligue, the coordinating organisation of clubs, pays PSV a huge compliment in the football magazine France Football. He refers to the Philips Stadium as an example of a modern multifunctional stadium which is a nice place to stay.
Thiriez, who is also an official of the French football association, thinks that football stadia in France are lagging behind fifteen years to the state-of-the-art stadia in Northern Europe. He considers the Philips Stadium as a shining example for other clubs. “The Philips Stadium is not big, but once you are inside, it feels like you have entered a theatre. Before the match gets underway you can do some shopping and have a meal or a drink with your friends. I can understand why the PSV crowd sometimes stays in the stadium for six hours. And the Philips Stadium is still at exactly the same place where it was established in 1913. PSV are a top club in Europe, thanks to their stadium. They are a shining example for our clubs. PSV prove you do not have to build an extravagant arena outside the town. Politicians from Le Mans, Rennes or Nice should have a look in Eindhoven”, says Thiriez.
“Football stadium these days are multifunctional and clubs should respond to that. People like to go out for the day. A stadium should be a pleasant and comfortable place to stay. It is often thought that such stadia can only be realised in large cities with the aid of big sponsors, but I would like to point out that the finest example of a modern stadium is not to be found in Munich or London, but in Eindhoven.” PSV’s stadium manager Tom Ploegsma van PSV is delighted with the compliment. “It’s great to be referred to as a shining example from someone from the world of football. We have made changes to the stadium over the years and we think we are on the right track. The officials from France are obviously welcome to have a look here in beautiful Eindhoven. We serve as an example for more clubs, from Italy e.g. Our hospitality lounges and the combination of a state-of-the-art and at the same time attractive stadium full of character appeal to people.”