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15 dec 2004 - Source:

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Jefferson Farfan came to Eindhoven in August. In an interview with PSV INSIDE he tells about his first few months in Holland, the differences between Peru and Holland, his ambitions as a professional football players, his goals for this season, his motives for joining PSV and his relationship with the fans. Today we publish the first instlament; tomorrow you can read the second part and Farfan will react to ten options on Friday.FARFAN FEELS AT HOME IN EINDHOVENHe has just turned 20 and must get used to the Dutch weather and Dutch language, but he is no stranger to the universal language of soccer. Jefferson Agustin Farfán Guadelupe made it very clear in his first few months with PSV what he wants: be successful in Eindhoven.PSV INSIDE called on him and he kindly answered some questions.What kind of player are you?"I am a South American forward. I like to show my skills, like most South American players and I like one-on-one challenges. I love to score goals, but I can also be played as a winger on both flanks. I usually don’t find it hard to adapt. I am basically a right-footed player, but I don’t mind using the other leg as well. Defensively I could be better, but that goes for most forwards."You are known for your spirited and passionate performances and determination on the pitch."That’s right. Although I’m still pretty young, I’ve gained a lot of experience. It all began when I met Argentinian, Uruguayan and Brazilian teams when I was a youth player. I learnt a lot from those games, where the players always test the referee to find out how far they can go. I have the left the stage of ‘being scared’ behind me. Moreover the league in Holland is less tough and foul than in South America, where they pay just as much attention to their opponents as to the ball!"Do you regard your trade-mark free kicks as your specialty?"I’ve always been good at taking free kicks ever since I was a kid. When I was a youth player, I would always take the free kicks. It’s purely a matter of feeling. I connect well with the ball. I know how to kick the ball in order to cross it to a certain spot. Yet I work hard on it and practice every single day. I look upon it as talent that I have to maintain to keep it working for me." When you had scored the crucial goal away against Rosenborg, you said you owed God. What role does religion play in your life?"I was raised a Catholic. I have these rituals before and after a game and I never forget to thank God when I’ve scored a goal. It’s my belief that I can score thanks to Him. I’m not much of a churchgoer, but I think my faith is of great help for me."How did you like your first few months in Eindhoven?"Very well, thank you. I’ve had tremendous support from the other players, the coaching staff, actually from everybody in the club. I only have to focus on my football; they take care of the rest. Obviously there are certain things I have to get used to, such as the weather and the culture, but I get all facilities to work on that. I don’t see them as problems, but as changes. The language is still a barrier, but I do feel I am welcome here."What are the main differences between Holland and Peru?"There is big difference as far as the professional organization of football is concerned. In Holland everything is well structured and taken care of. People in Peru try to make the best of a structured chaos. Life is different, the weather is different and the food is different. But fortunately there are plenty of Argentinian and Brazilian restaurants over here. I cannot get used to the fickle weather in Holland. It can be cold and it will rain and then the sun will shine again on the very same day."Tomorrow you can read the second part and Farfan will react to ten options on Friday.