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PSV Media pay a visit to Kezman and Robben (

31 dec 2004 - Source:

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PSV Media went to London during the festive season and paid a visit to Mateja Kezman and Arjen Robben. Below you will find an exclusive New Year report in which they tell about their first experiences with the proud Premiership leaders.The combined talents of Robben-Kezman-Rommedahl are no longer to be admired in Eindhoven, but the PSV connection is still entirely intact in London. The houses of Robben and Kezman are 300 yards apart. They go to training together, often talk about their spell at PSV and regularly get in touch with their former team mate Dennis Rommedahl, who also moved to the English capital, where he shows his skills for the fans of Charlton Athletic. Robben and Kezman do not have to make a long trip to the Chelsea training ground: it is about three minutes from their place. Kezman stayed in an apartment in the centre of London the first few months, but quite recently he moved into a house of his own, just outside the city centre. Kezman and Robben have selected this area, as it is very close to the new Chelsea training ground. In spite of an extremely busy schedule (Chelsea play four game sin eight days) Kezman made time to explain his present situation and the patience he has to exercise. You were a regular player at PSV; now you warm the bench. How do you cope?"I knew it was going to be a tough time. Chelsea are a top side and there are so many quality players in our squad. So you can never take a place in the starting line-up for granted. But I feel very confident that I’ll get some opportunities and I’m sure I’ll take them. Obviously it is hard to accept that I don’t start, but José Mourinho fields the starting XI. I have to be patient and wait for an opportunity and when it knocks, I’ll have to be there." Do you ever doubt you have made the right decision?"No, not at all. I work as hard as I can and give my best at every training session again. My colleagues appreciate my efforts and realize I go out of my way to be ready in case they need me. It was a moment of glory, when I scored my first goal, by converting a penalty kick in a Panenka kind of way. I was delighted with the way the players responded. They back me. The fans in the stadium are great as well; they never cease to chant my name when I am brought on. I feel the support given to me by many people in the club. Right now not many changes are brought to the starting eleven. Chelsea are on top of the league; we are in a winning streak and we usually collect the three points every game, although it is hard at times. But once more, I’m sure my time will come. I’ve worked very hard to make a move to a top club and play in a top league. I’ll have to be patient and prove myself. I’ll have to convince my coach I have goal scoring qualities. I certainly believe in myself. I have scored goals at every club I've played for and I'll score at Chelsea too."Do you ever think of PSV?"Oh yes, I often do. I am always informed about the latest news. It was fantastic period in my life. I think a lot of PSV, in particular now that I haven’t been able to secure a place in the starting line-up. The coach believed in me and I could show my skills on the pitch. I receive updates on the PSV final scores, among other things through a mobile service rendered by PSV. I was delighted that they had reached the next round of the Champions League." What were your feelings?"It was a magic moment for the players, the entire club and the fans of course the supporters. I occasionally have these dreams how things would have been, if Dennis, Arjen and I had still been in Eindhoven and what we could have done for the club. Of course I am not jealous. On the contrary: I am proud that PSV is my club and that the players have progressed to the next phase."Arjen RobbenArjen Robben announces he is living in a whirl of excitement. "Things are going incredibly well. I am as fit as a fiddle and I’m on cloud nine. Of course I have to work very hard, but right now things are fine and it’s my duty to see to it that it’s going to be like that for a long time. Chelsea are a great club, we live in wonderful surroundings; we’ve just moved into our house. Life couldn’t treat us any better. I realize that Kezza is having a hard time right now, but the whole team try to help him and cheer him up. He has many qualities and he is definitely going to show them", said Robben, right after the Aston Villa game, in which Chelsea collected three points. They enjoyed a narrow 1-0 win over Aston Villa and it was Arjen Robben who picked out Duff for the winning goal on Boxing Day.  

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