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The Philips Stadium permanently in Google Earth in 3 D (

30 jan 2008 - Source:

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The Philips Stadium in Eindhoven is the first football stadium in the Netherlands to be seen in 3D on Google Earth, the popular geographic internet search tool that combines local search with satellite images and maps from around the globe. The stadium is a true reproduction and is one of the buildings in Eindhoven presented in three dimensions.

The Philips Stadium in 3D project has been completed in close co-operation with design office Studio Ode in Eindhoven. With a base of many pictures of the stadium, they have produced a digital 3D model that can now be permanently seen on Google Earth's public map. Google Earth is designed to make it easy to "fly" to aerial views of many locations on the planet. Google put the stadium on line. PSV recently became the first club in the Netherlands to enter into an agreement with YouTube and Google to supply the website with content, including films that PSV fans produce and publish.
'This new development matches perfectly with our innovative media policy', says PSV's Marketing & Media manager Peter Kentie. 'The club, as well as the Philips Stadium, boasts a high-quality image. Google Earth in 3D offers a unique and highly-innovative tool to explore the stadium. It is an awesome application and also links up perfectly with the value of the town of Eindhoven, which is rightly referred to as leading in technology. It is also a new tool to develop city marketing, as our stadium can, literally, be seen from any place in the world.' Google Earth has impressive world wide stats to boast of: the software has reached 1.2 billion internet users and has been downloaded 300 million time.
'The interior and exterior of our stadium has been photographed from all angles, resulting into a thoroughly truthful picture', continues Kentie. 'We can refer to our opponents' stadiums, which is quite attractive. Just fancy: you start at the Philips Stadium and fly to Helsingborgs in Sweden and zoom in on the stadium and surroundings. I am sure navigation systems will use more data in 3D in future, so you will be able to see exactly where you walk or drive', predicts Kentie.
You can download Google Earth and install it on your PC by means of the link below. We have added a file with locations of football stadiums in the Netherlands.