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Statement made by PSV's Board of Supervisory Directors (

2 mei 2008 - Source:

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Statement made by PSV's Board of Supervisory Directors

PSV are proud to have ended the 2007/08 season flying high. They not only clinched their fourth Dutch league title in a row and reached the quarter finals of the UEFA Cup, but also stand financially well after producing good results for the third year running.
The Board of Supervisory Directors, however, have noticed that critical remarks have ignited unrest in the organisation in the club. We regret those comments, because they damage the club and persons involved. The verbal attacks are mainly aimed at managing director Jan Reker, which, on the one hand, is understandable, as he is responsible for the day-to-day running of the club, but, on the other hand, unfair, as these remarks often concern specific football issues for which the coaching staff should accept responsibility.
The management may very well have made mistakes in their first year in office. Unrest and vagueness because of a number of changes at head coach level did not contribute to a healthy work climate, though. Yet some lessons can be learnt from situations that took place this season.
The Board of Supervisory Directors express their full support for the important decisions made by the management, but will pay extra attention to improve internal communication to prevent misunderstandings from arising.
PSV regret that people who have added value to the club for a long time should have come to the conclusion that a basis for trust is lacking, but respect their choice of leaving the club.

PSV are a big club, but their organisation is relatively small-sized and mutual trust is an indispensable requirement for a good internal organisation. The management, led by Jan Reker, will make every effort to create a healthy relationship within the club's organisation, in the field of sport, finance, marketing and organisation. This policy is supported widely in the club and we count on it that confidence in the club will be restored completely at short notice.

The Board of Supervisory Directors, management and officials focus on the new season, realising that team spirit is an indispensable ingredient of success, both on the pitch, but also off the pitch on management level. With Huub Stevens taking charge as new head coach, it is our aim to strengthen the technical organisation and squad at our earliest convenience. We want to compete for the Eredivisie title in the 2008/09 season and reach the Champions League Round of 16. The Board of Supervisory Directors affirm their full support for the management and wish them and the coaching staff all the best in preparing for the new season.


Willem II
  • Moens
  • v.d.Struijk
  • Wau (Reuser/67)
  • v.d.Haar
  • v.Mosselveld
  • Smit
  • Caluwé
  • Kolsi
  • Ceesay (Denissen/64)
  • Redan
  • Bobson (Lepoint/76)
  • Gomes
  • Ooijer
  • Alex
  • Bouma
  • Lee
  • v.Bommel
  • Cocu
  • Vogel (Robert/59)
  • Farfán (Lucius/90 3)
  • Sibon
  • Beasley


  • Bossen


  • 12.700

Yellow card(s)

  • Reuser (Willem II), Sibon (PSV)

Red card(s)

  • Cocu (89/2xgeel)


  • 0-1 Robert (62.)