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"You"ll meet Koreans anywhere!" (

13 jan 2005 - Source:

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Exactly two years ago two South Korean international football players descended on Eindhoven soil. So Ji-Sung Park and Young-Pyo Lee, respectively 23 years and 27 years young, have been in the service of PSV for two years now.Both South Koreans, who were players of the successful 2002 Korean World Cup team of manager Guus Hiddink, needed some time to get accustomed to Dutch football and Dutch culture. Lee was rather quick to learn the trade, but eventually all supporters have lost their hearts to the two players. It was not until the trip that PSV made to South Korea in 2003, before it was fully understood how immensely popular both players are in their own country. But the Koreans had not forgotten Guus Hiddink, either. Parties of South Koreans regularly come to the PSV training ground De Herdgang to attend a training session in which their heroes take part. In spite of the long journey they have made, they are often too shy to ask for a signature, let alone to ask them to have their picture taken, together with the players.Koreans seem to regard Abu Dhabi as a holiday destination as well. Shouts of joy could be clearly heard in the usually quiet streets, when a small party of South Koreans found out that some of their heroes are staying in Abu Dhabi. And things became even better when Lee, Park and also Hiddink went out of their way to welcome the party in the hotel, where they had a lengthy meeting.PSV have again promised to participate in the prestigious Peace Cup tournament. That will be a good opportunity to see whether the so-called Hiddink has spent its force and it will also be a good moment to find out how popular Lee and Park still are.