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Koevermans scored a double at Arveladze's farewell game (

4 jun 2008 - Source:

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Danny Koevermans scored a double at Shota Arveladze's farewell game in Tblisi on Tuesday night. Arveladze had invited some former and current footballers from various clubs among whom his former AZ team mate Koevermans. Arveladze's team recorded a 'stunning' 9-6 win over the Georgian national team.
Georgian football fans had turned up in large numbers to attend to Arveladze's farewell game. PSV forward Danny Koevermans had been invited along with the Laudrup brothers, Frank and Ronald de Boer, Aron Winter, former PSV defender Arthur Numan, Michael Mols, Stijn Schaars, Khalid Sinouh, former PSV forward Kenneth Perez, Denny Landzaat, Richard Witschge and Dean Gorré. Koevermans, who had been brought on at half time, scored a double. He had replaced Arveladze, who joined his Georgian friends, among whom AC Milan player Kaladze, in the second half.

The match was played at a low pace on a sunny summer night and no fouls were committed at all. Arveladze's little son came on during the closing stages and he crowned his performance by scoring the last goal of the night. A big after-game party was staged in Tblisi, with Georgian music, and a dinner party for all the players. 'It was a fabulous farewell game. I think some 30, 000 Georgian football fans had come to the stadium to see the game. I was thrilled to be part of it and Shota and all the guests enjoyed a great party', said Koevermans, who will return to Holland today, where he will continue his holiday.


AC Milaan
  • Dida
  • Cafu
  • Stam
  • Maldini
  • Kaladze
  • Gattuso
  • Pirlo (Ambrosini/72)
  • Kaká
  • Seedorf (Seedorf/81)
  • Sjevtsjenko
  • Crespo (Tomasson/65)
  • Gomes
  • Ooijer
  • Alex
  • Bouma(Lucius/46)
  • Lee
  • v.Bommel
  • Cocu
  • Vogel
  • Beasley(Vennegoor/61)
  • Park
  • Farfán


  • Vassaras (Gri)


  • 74.655

Yellow card(s)

  • Seedorf (AC Milaan) Gomes, Ooijer (PSV)


  • 1-0 Sjevtsjenko (42)
    2-0 Tomasson (90)