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Dutch football writers impressed by PSV (

24 feb 2005 - Source:

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The Dutch football writers were impressed by PSV, who clamed a 1-0 win over AS Monaco last night. The media unanimously consider the victory a deserved win and agree that PSV have become a mature side.Below you will find a summary of the articles in which the phenomenal part that PSV defender Alex played in last night’s game is emphasized. Efficient PSV have their eyes on an exciting follow-up is the headline in de Volkskrant. 'PSV have their eyes on an exciting follow-up, after an historical Champions League breakthrough. The 1-0 win in Eindhoven opens up new perspectives for the efficient Eredivisie leaders to even reach the quarter finals of the prestigious European campaign. . And just consider the fact that playing European football after the winter break has been a real obsession for PSV for such a long time.'De Volkskrant is very positive on Alex. 'Alex Rodrigo Dias da Costa is a phenomenon, a defender that can hardly ever be found these days. The Brazilian sometimes serenely walks through his own defence, like an uncle that explains the basic rules to his cousins. But ah me if an opponent is about to be put clear. Then he increases his pace and his torso admits no opposition. He is the decathlete among the football player, as his capacities to jump high and head the ball far away are imposing.' 'PSV shine in Europe', observes the reporter of AD Sportwereld. 'PSV will travel to Monaco in two weeks, having bagged a 1-0 win in their first leg. By doing so the squad has met with two criteria for international success: the team scored a goal and did not concede a goal.' The paper emphasizes, though, that 'the loot has not been hauled in yet, referring to the opportunity that Monaco had in the closing stages. PSV were reminded right at the end that they will still have to make sure of a quarter final place; they will undoubtedly have a tough night in Monaco'.The reporter of Het Eindhovens Dagblad is rather critical of the fact that PSV failed to increase their lead. 'Conclusive evidence eventually failed to materialize’ was the conclusion of the local newspaper. ‘PSV lacked refinement to eventually increase a bigger lead. When the forwards had created some space, they showed signs of fatigue and they lacked the technical skills to get close to the goal defended by keeper Roma. PSV need a top class striker that can make the difference if they want to really join the European elite clubs'. 'PSV take the first step', is the headline of the De Telegraaf, the largest national newspaper. They pay great tribute to Alex. 'Defensively he was the man of the match. He was impeccable and he corrected mistakes committed by team mates, when necessary'.Alex was forced into a great tackle to dispossess Adebayor on 34 minutes, when he broke clear into the penalty area after Lee had clumsily placed the ball to him rather than a team mate. De Telegraaf-writer also warns PSV not to start the celebrations too soon. 'The 1-0 final score is in accordance with expectations, but there is some disappointment as well'. "I was pleased with the result. We wanted to score a second goal but it didn't happen. It was a tough game and you always have to be aware of their counter attacks", PSV captain Mark van Bommel is quoted.