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Adebayor is confident AS Monaco will win (

9 mrt 2005 - Source:

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Two weeks many people thought that Nwankwo Kanu had returned on the Dutch pitches. Twenty-two year old Shedi Emmanuel Adebayor, a lad from Togo (West- Africa), is just as tall and supple. PSV Media had an exclusive interview with the As Monaco player.The AS Monaco squad walked into the catacombs of the Stade Louis II. Adebayor kindly introduces himself to some strangers that are waiting for the PSV squad. But he is determined to give PSV as hard a time as possible tonight in the return leg on the Côte d'Azur. "We are going to try and score an early opening goal", explained the Monegasque. You are a relatively unknown player. Could you introduce yourself, please?"I was born in Togo, a small country in West Africa. When it was fifteen I went to FC Metz in France, where I went through all the ranks of the Youth Academy. I have learnt a lot and I was given time to develop myself, for which I am very grateful. I was handed my debut in the first team at the age of seventeen. We were relegated, but I scored a lot of goals when we played in the Second Division and we were promoted again to the French top flight. So at an early age I knew all about highs and lows of football life.I made a move to Monaco last season. I vividly remember the first moments on the La Turbie training ground pitch and the first meeting with my new coach Didier Deschamps. He has always put his trust in me, which is very important for any young player. But Shabani Nonda and Patrice Evra have always been behind me. I was a regular player at Metz, but I was not always included in the AS Monaco starting line-up, which I found hard to accept. My family stood by me and encouraged me to fight, with a smile on my face, to become a regular player. I must learn how to be more effective when I enter the box. But I feel I have become a stronger and better player since I joined AS Monaco."Which league do you prefer: the Champions League or the French domestic Ligue 1?"I prefer the French league. Monaco are not good enough to vie for a Champions League final this season. But our squad is strong enough to compete well in the French league."But surely the Champions League ties are special games, aren't they?"It’s a great tournament where you meet the best players of the world, who show their skills. These players are so talented that they would make the difference in any team. Every player is highly motivated and will do his utmost to please the crowd and fans." What do you remember of the first leg?"We played a good game defensive wise. But we were outclassed in the challenges. We were forced to defend, whereas we usually frequently play forward. We conceded just one goal and I suppose we were lucky they did not double their advantage. We play at home tonight, so anything is still possible. We will really make an effort to reach the next phase. I was impressed by the individual skills of Park and Farfán. And there was this tall striker. Oh dear! What’s his name? Renne…( he looks helpless, but obviously he is referring to Vennegoor of Hesselink )…, that tall guy, nearly two metres tall, he was so hard to dispossess."What did you know about PSV, before you were paired together?"Well, PSV were about the only club I would not fancy meeting. They have to prove something to the home crowd after last season’s clashes with us. They have reached a high level and they hope to do well at last in the Champions League."What do you expect of tonight’s game in Stade Louis II?"We are going to go for it tonight. We must have a flying start and score an early goal. That would be a dream scenario. But I feel it’s another equally contested game that we will win in the end. I know that for sure!"