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27 apr 2005 - Source:

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PSV coach Guus Hiddink was obviously disappointed with the 2-0 defeat. “1-0 would have been all right. We hoped to level the score, but when we failed to score the equalizer, 1-0 was acceptable. We realized that we would have a hard time in our home game to make amends, but 2-0 was a big blow and makes it hard for us. "Players like Cocu thought straight after the game that PSV would still stand a chance if they are going to play the second leg in the same spirited fashion as they did in the second period in Milan. And that’s the way to think. We will go for it; that’s what our faithful fans deserve", felt Hiddink.Hiddink noticed one big difference between his side and AC Milan "They need just two small chances and for us six, seven opportunities have not been sufficient. We have created quite a few chances. We lacked the right subtlety to strike hard, though. We should certainly have scored one goal." Hiddink thought his team did well after the break PSV piled up the pressure and AC Milan were forced back, which the hosts did not do on purpose, but simply because PSV were the better side. Hiddink was also realistic when asked what prospects have next week. "Trailing 2-0 does not open great prospects. We will undoubtedly have enough energy left to present ourselves well to our own fans next week. We knew beforehand that we should score a goal in Milan to get a good result. I don’t expect Milan to concede much in Eindhoven." Van Bommel: we outplayed AC Milan in the second halfPSV captain Mark van Bommel was bitterly disappointed. He thought that the second goal was a devastating blow and cast a shadow over an excellent second half performance. "We were well organized in defence in the first half, except for one moment. We dominated the second half for long periods and even outplayed them at times. We were often in a shooting position. If we had struck the ball better, we would have scored a goal. I may exaggerate a bit, but I still think we have created five good opportunities. It will be an uphill task at home next week. We must score two goals at least."