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Hiddink wary of the lethal counter attacks (

3 mei 2005 - Source:

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PSV head coach Guus Hiddink announced at the press conference this afternoon that he is wary of the lethal counter attacks of AC Milan. Earlier on the day the PSV squad had their final training session on the pitch of the Eindhoven Philips Stadium. They have now gone to a hotel where they are going to prepare for Wednesday night’s crucial tie.Farfán back in contentionAs is generally known, DaMarcus Beasley and André Ooijer are ruled out for tomorrow night’s game, respectively because of a bad knee injury and a suspension. There is also good news, though. Wilfred Bouma, who had joined the squad for training again and Jefferson Farfán are set to start. "The biggest danger we’ll face is their favourite counter attack. AC Milan field some strikers that don’t need much space and have proven to be lethal killers. Our match plan for tomorrow is to control and dominate the game. We should not be naive and play all or nothing from kick off onwards. We may take some risks later in the game and then hope for the best." We'll have to come from behind"We have made a deep impression with our performance last week, but we should at least have scored one goal. And we conceded two goals. We were caught napping when they scored the opener and they were lucky the ball fell for them, so that they doubled their advantage. The difference between the two teams last week was not just the way of playing; it was rather the clinical way of finishing. We intend to come from behind tomorrow night. We want to give them a scare. The challenge is to create panic in their rear guard like we were able to do in Milan. We needn’t do that in the early stages; if we score a goal, it will be an open game anyway. But it would be wrong to expect a carbon copy of the second period of the first leg; this is another match."Ancelotti.There is massive interest in this game. Over 175 newspaper journalists and 80 photographers have applied. There will be a live broadcast of the game in 36 countries. AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti will give his views on the traditional pre-match press conference at 18:00, after which the Italian team will train on the pitch of the Eindhoven Philips Stadium at 18:30. Representatives of the press are welcome to watch the first fifteen minutes of the training session, but then Ancelotti and his players intend to train behind closed doors.