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Hiddink: "Proud and disappointed" (

5 May 2005 - Source:

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PSV head coach Guus Hiddink announced at the post-match press conference that he felt proud and disappointed with tonight’s result. "It is cruel that we were beaten in the end after a night in which we outplayed one of the best teams of the world."Cruel"I am so proud of my squad. Once again we were so close and again they scored in the dying seconds. I haven't been able yet to fully analyze this game, but I think we deserve praise. The lads have put up a great display and we have we played an excellent and modern kind of football. However, is cruel to push a classy side to the limits and get beaten at the death after all. The full impact has not completely dawned on me yet." Respect"It's a shame we were slightly pushed back in the final stages. Milan got one chance and they took it. We dominated tonight’s game. The AC Milan players have a huge respect for us, but we are left empty-handed. My players have shown before in physically and mentally demanding Champions League games and domestic clashes that you must have the ambition to perform well. It is good that our players have this challenge to make their dreams come true." A battleMilan coach Carlo Ancelotti was sober in his analysis. "This was indeed a battle and we were ready to drop with exhaustion against a great side. So we are through to the final and actually I don’t feel like analyzing this game. It doesn't make sense to be ironical; we are lucky and grateful to be in the final. We did not start playing properly until PSV were 2-0 on top. They didn’t concede anything, but eventually we found a hole in their well-organized defence."Ancelotti briefly looked ahead to the final. "Liverpool concede hardly anything. Unlike PSV, they don’t want to attack and dominate the game for 90 minutes. It’s going to be a completely different kind of game."