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Arsenal opt for PSV approach (

9 mei 2005 - Source:

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The successful approach to enhance the quality of the pitch in the Eindhoven Philips Stadium has not gone unnoticed and is worth following. Arsenal are going to improve the quality of the Highbury stadium pitch and just like PSV, they are going to do so in close cooperation with the company SGL, established in Aalsmeer, and with the aid of the SGL concept, which has been developed by the company.Best pitch in EuropeThe Stadium Grow Lighting (SGL) concept is based on the expertise of natural turf and breeding techniques in agriculture.The company SGL (Stadium Grow Lighting) has developed a unique artificial lighting concept, which makes it possible to grow grass in every stadium suffering from severe shade problems, even during wintertime. Excellent grass growth, fast recovery after damage and a strong pitch are the results of this unique concept.Arsenal and SGL announced last Friday that Arsenal will put the Dutch invention into use in September. Thanks to the SGL concept, the quality of the PSV pitch in winter time was not any different from the quality in summer time.PSV claim they have the best pitch of Holland and they may even have the best pitch in Europe. PSV head coach Guus Hiddink whole-heartedly confirmed the latter statement. Guus Hiddink: "There is a world of difference". Cutting in winter timeThe results were so excellent that the pitch needed cutting in winter time for the first time in history. Groundsman Harry van de Berk said cutting the pitch yielded just as much grass in winter time as in summer time. He added: "The grassroots are twelve centimetres long, which is 2.5 cm longer than last year. The quality of the turf has improved by some forty per cent, compared to last year. The pitch is an almost immaculate state, even after the game. And it is much more level than before."Arsenal are the first foreign club that are going to implement the concept. The contract for the purchase of the concept was signed last Friday by stadium manager John Beattie en Nico van Vuuren. Arsenal groundsmen Paul Burgess and Steve Braddock were delighted. So was Arsenal Manager Arsène Wenger, who took plenty of time to be fully enlightened by the Dutch specialists.