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22 jun 2005 - Source:

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The project 'Away with the fences' was launched in the Eindhoven Philips Stadium on Tuesday afternoon. So a long-cherished dream of club and many a fan will be realized the next few weeks.Join forcesBy removing the fences round the pitch, the view of the pitch will be excellent and first class football in the Philips Stadium can be enjoyed far better. The first official ceremonial sawing action was performed on Tuesday afternoon. Ger van Os, chairman of the PSV supporters’ association and Frits Bovers, chairman of PSV Fans United, joined forces to remove the first few parts of the fences at the start of the project. Mr Ruigrok, the designer of the first fence, also showed his interest.Positive manner"PSV fans have already proved for many seasons both at home and abroad that they support the club in a positive manner. We played several games in England where the fans were close to the pitch, while there were no fences between them the pitch. It has never presented any problems. If they can do that in England, we can do it here as well", explained Frank Wijnveld, PSV Security Manager. Severe finesSevere fines will be levied against fans that do enter the pitch. They will be banned from the stadium for fifteen years and will be fined 15.000 euros. "So it should be clear to anyone that entering the pitch is fundamentally wrong”, says Wijnveld. And the UEFA fines will be passed on to the perpetrators." West standPart of the project 'Away with the fences' will be the extension of facilities for less valid people. A terrace will be raised for them from where they can follow the game perfectly.The floor area behind the advertising boards will be deepened for the photographers and camera crew, so that they have excellent facilities to do their job well. Moreover they will no longer block the view of the fans in the stands. All in all it is quite a reconstruction of the interior of the stadium, but it will enhance the quality of service and the fans will have a grandstand view of the pitch. After having completed these adaptations, we are fully prepared for the organization of the UEFA Cup final, which will be played in the Eindhoven Philips Stadium in May 2006, and we have also realized a lot of wishes of several groups of fans”, feels Tom Ploegsma, PSV Stadium Manager.Step by stepAfter the launch of the project, the reconstructions will be carried out step by step the next few weeks. Fans will be able to see the final result for the first time on the Fan Day which is organized on 1 August.