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Holland do well in rankings, thanks to PSV (

28 jun 2005 - Source:

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Thanks to the fine European performances put up by PSV and AZ, the Netherlands have climbed to an impressive seventh position in the coefficient rankings of UEFA member associations, as it was published on the UEFA website. Seventh positionSpain proudly lead the ranking and England, Italy and France come, respectively, second, third and fourth. Germany are fifth and Portugal occupy the sixth position.Greece, Belgium and Germany are the countries to watch: they do not come high in the ranking, so the impact of some fine results is, relatively speaking, large.Holland have had a great year, following the great number of points earned by PSV and AZ. Spain collected just a few more points. The number of points has been doubled by last season’s good performances. England collected most points, but the gap with the Spaniards is still considerable. Holland and Portugal are also separated by a big margin, but as the Dutch teams did so well last season, the Netherlands do not feel the pressure of the countries below them in the ranking that much any longer. PointsThe UEFA use a coefficient system in order to allocate to establish seedings for the participants in the UEFA Champions League and UFA Cup in the 2005-2006 season. The table of coefficients is compiled as follows:• a Champions League win I or UEFA Cup win is worth two points (one point for qualifying-round matches)• a draw is worth one point (1/2 point for qualifying-round matches)• a defeat is worth 0 points.From the 2004/05 campaign, clubs that reach the first knockout round, quarter-finals, semi-finals or final of the Champions League or the quarter-finals, semi-finals or final of the UEFA Cup are awarded an extra point for each such round. In addition, three points are awarded for participation in the Champions League.Performances by clubs in the Champions League and UEFA Cup over the previous five campaigns, conspire to form the annual UEFA Association Coefficient Rankings table, with the 'oldest' season dropped each time for the purpose of the calculation.