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Huge media interest in PSV (

12 jul 2005 - Source:

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Soon after the plane had landed at Inchon Airport, Guus Hiddink was welcomed by representatives of the Peace Cup organizing committee and the PSV head coach was the centre of interest at a press conference. While Hiddink was speaking to the representatives of the press, a great many photographers did not stop taking pictures. Pushing and elbowingPhotographers and camera crews were guilty of pushing and elbowing in order to take a picture of Guus Hiddink. Things were getting hectic in the corridor to the small hall where the press conference was conducted and there was quite a media circus at the press briefing. Phillip Cocu pulled up a chair to answer questions from Korean journalistic, who were delighted to see their hero, former coach of Korea and coach of the ruling Dutch champions. Over sixty journalistsAfter some polite questions and corresponding polite replies (‘the tournament is a perfect preparation for the new campaign and the UEFA Champions League tournament, PSV are keen to win the Peace Cup for the second time in a row’ and Phillip Cocu thought it was ‘great to be in Korea for the first time in his life’), some topical issues were raised as well. In a hall which was not bigger than a large living-room more than sixty journalists were eager to get information on the rumours in which Young-Pyo Lee is the main topic, on speculations on Hiddink as national coach and on the move Ji-Sung Park has made to Manchester United. Cameras were continuously flashing. Hiddink replied that Park would not need one year and a half (the time he needed in Holland) to get used to the new circumstances in England and he added he had given the Korean forward some pieces of advice. Condoleezza RiceWhen the press conference was over, Hiddink, the players' coach, the PSV officials and the luggage went to the Hyatt Hotel, amid great public interest. There was still quite a crowd in the Inchon Airport terminal, when the ride escorted by police officers started. The hotel in Seoul was severely guarded, as Condoleezza Rice, the American Secretary of State is also staying at the Hyatt Hotel tonight. The PSV squad were welcomed at the entrance of the smart hotel by their team mate Young-Pyo Lee, who was already in South Korea. The squad had dinner at eight o’ clock, local time. They will have their first training session on Wednesday and they will play their first game in Korea on Wednesday night.