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A letter to the chairman of Arsenal


17 dec 2002 - Reporter: DvG

The following complaint was sent to the chairman of Arsenal Football Club as a result of what happened during the away match against Arsenal. A copy was sent to the UEFA:

"As a result of the chants directed at one of your players by elements of the PSV supporters during our Champions League home game the PSV Supporters Association decided something had to be done.

In order to try and redress the tarnished image of the PSV supporter, and to show that a real PSV fan doesn't want to have anything to do with racism, we had "PSV Fans against racism" stickers made for all the supporters going to London. These fans where asked to wear the sticker so it was clearly visible.

Additionally a large banner with the same text was made which we intended to place in the ground where it would be easily seen.

Unfortunately we were meet with obstruction by your officials, in particular regarding the banner. We where not allowed to display it despite the fact that our representatives suggested several places where it could be placed without causing any obstruction. At one point we where told the banner would be confiscated and our officials ejected from the ground.

We deeply regret that due to this lack of cooperation it was not possible for us to fully achieve our aim and make the views of the real PSV fans clear both to your club and the rest of the world.

We would be grateful to hear your response,

Yours sincerley,

Ger van Os

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