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Gomes and Alex get an Korean course (

18 Lul 2005 - Source:

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After having been in Holland for one year, Gomes and Alex are pretty good at understanding Dutch. But Korean, that’s a different kettle of fish altogether!The two players were given an intensive Korean course and they got a present to protect them from the blazing sun. Their own capThe number of Koreans that speak English in the metropolis of Seoul is not overwhelmingly large. And the same thing can be said about the people we met in Gwangju last weekend. That's why Gomes and Alex got a brief Korean language course in their free afternoon. They learnt ten words and two phrases that may be very opportune in the second week of the Peace Cup. The two Brazilians also got their own cap, as they can be found in the Dutch shops. They had not seen them themselves. "Thanks a lot. They’re wonderful!", exclaimed Gomes, and Alex was also proudly looking in the lobby’s mirror. Ten words and phrases in KoreanIn his hotel room Gomes studied the words and phrases as they have been translated by a de Peace Cup official who is with the team all the time. The idiomatic expression An Nyung in particular is quite useful!