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PSV in South Korea, day 9 (

20 jul 2005 - Source:

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PSV in South KoreaWednesday 20 JulySUWON - That's it. It's all over in Korea. PSV have not been defeated, but a 1-1 draw against Olympique Lyon was not enough to secure a place in the Peace Cup final.Today we publish part 9 of the Korea Diary (the end). Nine days While we write this, the Korean PSV tour is almost over. The squad have been on the road for eleven days, inclusive of two days of travelling and two inland flights. PSV have not been defeated in the four games they played in those net nine days; they had seven training sessions, two of which with a small group; they have been given one afternoon off and spent many hours in the players’ bus. That was a statistical summary of the pre-season campaign. The squad often drove through Seoul or other cities under a police escort, when they were on their way to one of the above mentioned events. LawAs far as team sports are concerned, one can say: "The only thing you can say about the pre-season preparations is that you can say hardly anything." Yet it may be worthwhile to review a few items. The players have done a lot of physical labour on the training pitch. The technical staff have experimented with a new system. Three talented youngsters, one of whom is only sixteen years old, have had experience with football at the highest level. PSV had some magic moments in the first period of the Olympique Lyon tie. The new signings have adapted well; the players have done the best they could under tough circumstances (the hot weather in particular) and the clubs they met proved to be formidable opponents. That’s about all one can say. But apart from the PSV rage in Korea, the Guus Hiddink flash light tour and the huge media interest, the trip was a bright start to the new season.PSV Media have traveled with the squad to South Korea. You can read a daily travel report on the official PSV website, on top of the customary reports about training sessions, matches and PSV squad related issues. This was the final installment.