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Scale model of the Philips Stadium revealed (

13 sep 2005 - Source:

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The City of Eindhoven is often referred to as 'the City of Light', which is obviously an allusion to the company of Philips, which was founded in Eindhoven. Many prominent buildings had already been inserted in a touristic route through the city, but the Philips Stadium was notoriously absent. Up till last night, when former PSV Chairman Harry van Raaij unveiled a brand new light ornament. Openings act by Harry van RaaijThe scale model of the Philips Stadium is placed at the Montgomery Avenue, close to the real stadium. The project of light has been composed with ordinary bulbs, but also with up-to-date low-energy lamps.The ornament consists of twelve parts and weighs 250 kilogram. Harry van Raaij performed the opening ceremony on Monday night. The project is quite conspicuous: the length of the construction is 4 yards and its width 13 yards; it been drawn up by volunteers. A football of light is kicked ‘from the stadium’ every five seconds. As from 17 SeptemberThe touristic route boasts of three hundred ornaments and 49 projects, which involves some fifty kilometers of cable. The route will be visible from 17 September up till and including 9 October. The Philips Stadium will promote this touristic route by putting a few ornaments in the stadium.