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The gap between top sport and perception can be bridged (

14 okt 2005 - Source:

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Last Thursday night PSV organized for the third time a symposium for their business relations, press and several representatives of the county of Brabant and the world of football. The theme was 'Sport, a game with media and commerce'. Triangular relationshipThe key question that was presented to a number of heavyweights on the stage was what is the balance (or imbalance) in the triangular relationship between sport, media and commerce. Bavaria Chairman of the Board of Directors (and PSV official) Peter Swinkels, Member of Parliament Margo Vliegenthart, Talpa CEO Ronald Goes and PSV Chairman Rob Westerhof were given an opportunity to extensively discuss the different aspects of the issue, under the guidance of chairman Wilfred Genee. It led to an interesting discussion. Does commerce have a stranglehold on sport? Do problems arise when the media and commerce start to dominate sport and public interest plays a subordinate role? These questions were raised in the Evoluon World Class Centre and several people applied their expertise and experience to explain their points of view. "Focus on the consumer"The issues were pursued in great depth and Peter Swinkels in particular performed a star part. He succeeded in capturing his audience with a lively presentation and strong arguments. He made a plea to focus on the sports consumer, the supporter, who determines the success of what is being offered. Swinkels also put forward to use more creativity and improve the cooperation between clubs and commerce. He also suggested marketing sport as pure entertainment and decreasing issuing instructions by the government. By focusing on the consumer, the gap between top sport and perception can be bridged. The media - and the technological progress - serve as accelerators, felt Swinkels.