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2 Nov 2005 - Source:

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The morning papers all praise PSV for a wonderful performance and the 1-0 win AC Milan. Praise is lavished on the whole team, but coach Guus Hiddink and youngster Ismail Aissati in particular are the centre of interest.We present a morning newspaper round-upMature and alluring'Unrestrained PSV pull off stunning result against AC Milan’, is the headline of AD Sportwereld. Ibrahim Afellay and Ismail Aissati, teenagers who played manly leading parts, embraced in the players’ tunnel after the game. They were unrestrained and passionate and they stand symbolic for the impressive way in which PSV leveled the gap with giants Milan last night'. AD did not consider this game as a passing event: 'It seemed the summer period had been uneventful and that nothing had changed in between the last season’s successful European campaign and the ever increasingly pleasant current edition. Seldom or hardly ever before did PSV play in such a mature and alluring fashion as last night, not even last season when they fielded the likes of Park, Lee, Van Bommel and Vogel. It was both amazing and agreeable.’‘A lump hard to digest’The Eindhovens Dagblad was very impressed. ‘A real top team will perform well in the big games. Against all odds, PSV demonstrate this season that they are still one of the best sides in Europe. They saw off AC Milan last night with an unprecedented passion and an early goal by Farfán hugely enhanced their chances of progressing to the Champions League knock-out phase. Coach Guus Hiddink fielded only three defenders. And there was this lad, only seventeen years: Ismail Aissati. Milan must have felt provoked to the bone by PSV, but at the end of the day the Italian stars were forced to accept the simple conclusion that the big, small rivals from Eindhoven were ‘a lump hard to digest’, just like in the previous season. Ibrahim Afellay and Ismail Aissati were praised. 'It was remarkable to see how the two small Moroccan thoroughbreds Afellay and Aissati visibly hurt the AC Milan defence by passing the ball around and providing the wingers with good crosses. Football wise, PSV reached a high level in midfield during periods of the first half that was seldom seen last season.’ Memorable nightThe Volkskrant summarizes all the differences between the two sides. 'Physical stamina beat stagnation, flair conquered fear and tactical skills surpassed a lack of capacity to improvise. PSV coach Hiddink outwitted his colleague Ancelotti. In short: The ruling Dutch champions took revenge for the undeserved elimination from last season’s semi-finals. Referee Poll’s decision not to point at the spot when Addo pulled Serginho’s shirt may be interpreted as a sign of appreciation for the wonderful performance PSV displayed tonight.” The morning paper also winked symbolically at Aissati. 'He may have faced tougher competition on the squares in Utrecht where he grew up than on the European field of honour in Eindhoven'. Maximum revenge'PSV have achieved the impossible by beating hot favourites AC Milan at home”, is the opening sentence in this morning’s edition of de Telegraaf. 'An early goal by Jefferson Farfán proved to be enough to make sure of a stunning 1-0 shock win, because of which PSV are now even on top of the UEFA Champions League group E. PSV set a new national record, for never before did a Dutch club manage to maintain an unbeaten run of ten straight home games in the Champions League. The Eindhoven outfit have succeeded in developing into a formidable European Cup fighter, whereas they have only limited financial means at their disposal'. The biggest national morning paper also paid tribute to Hiddink and his choice to include Aissati in the starting line-up. 'Guus Hiddink once again demonstrated he is a coach with guts. He offered Ismail Aissati an opportunity to show his skills and he was not deterred by his age, seventeen years, two months and sixteen days.’